Welcome to my 208 tribute pages
I'm very glad that you've discovered or maybe re-visit these 'old' pages about RTL-208. Please enjoy your stay here and let me take you back in time to remember the good old 208 as we know it. Check out the  CREDITS  to see who helped me a lot with informations and other stuff ! - Please report any mistake or bug on this site!

The 208 site started as a part of my private website back in 1996 with just a few pages. It has grown bigger now. Thanks to you as well. Please continue visiting this site - there are unregular updates to come. To get in touch with me send e-mail to  mail@rtl208.com ! Questions and other comments or suggestions should be send via e-mail.

PLEASE sent in any information, picture, recording, text or anything you have in your collection which could make this site bigger.

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and NO OFFICIAL SITE of Radio Luxembourg or the CLT/UFA (RTL Group) or whatever.
It is just private.


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